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Doug, a black Spaniel, stood in between Sammy and Abi in a paddock.

Canine Training, Adventures and Photography

More than just dog walking in Nottinghamshire!

The perfect dog (probably) doesn't exist, but the perfect combination of training, dedication and communication does.

There are so many benefits to completing dedicated training sessions

(for dog and owner alike):

Max the Cavapoo


A trained dog is a safe dog. Safety for you, your dog and family, for other dogs and people outside your home. Finding a balance of trust and obedience, you'll spend more time enjoying your pup and less time worrying about the next troubling situation.


Any relationship requires trust. Over the duration of a course with us, you will learn to trust your pup to heed your instructions and respond accordingly to new situations. Our aim is to build a strong relationship between dog and owner, which continues to strengthen beyond our sessions.


 A dog is more than a pet, they're a loved member of the family.  They offer so much to us, the owners. With a little training and education, a mutually beneficial relationship can form.


A happy dog, a wagging tail, that amazing welcome everytime you come home! The benefits of a dog in your life isn't in question. The benefits of a well-trained dog? It can only improve your daily activities and downtime.

Wonder Walks believes in the enrichment gained from
1-to-1 training sessions.

Our time spent with you, the owner, alongside your dog is absolutely vital. While we could take the lead, instruct your mischievous pup and hand him back to you, this would prove little help in the long run.


We are here to nurture a trusting bond between dog and owner. The role of our instructor, Abi, is to ensure that you feel confident managing your dog and build a strong relationship together. Our commitment is to the needs of you and your dog, we believe in relationship-based training and the value of positive reinforcement.

Before we can begin any training, we require a consultation to establish a relationship with both you and your dog. During our initial meeting, we will discuss any concerns you have and build a course of action best suited to you and your dog's needs.

Please use our contact page to book a free consultation!

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