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To all dog parents,

After you've had a long day at work, fitting in dog walking can be challenging. And, of course, nobody likes leaving their favourite furry friend alone at home all day. But I know that sometimes, it just can't be helped! Unfortunately, the consequences of regularly missing out on this daily activity can have unwanted consequences, like:

  • Not enough exercise causing poor health, injury and joint problems

  • Poor social skills (as they don't meet other dogs and learn how to behave appropriately), which can lead to aggression 

  • Lack of mental stimulation, leading to depression and behavioural issues (like nuisance barking, digging and escaping) 

  • No opportunity to do what they love to do most... Explore!

Having that daily exercise is crucial not just for your dog, but for you too. Wouldn't you like to come home to a happy dog that has burnt off all that extra energy and is ready to curl up next to you on the sofa? 


At Wonder Walks, we aim to be more than than just your run-of-the-mill dog walking company. Based in Nottinghamshire, UK, we specialise in Dog Adventures! While many dog walkers focus just on time, we focus on the enjoyment your pooch gets out of their walk. We provide enriching activities designed not only for exercise but for mental stimulation too! We:

  • Play fetch

  • Do sniffer hunts

  • Play with toys and puzzles

  • Even get out the dog-friendly bubbles!

  • And many other activities

Adventures are tracked using the GPS tracking service, Doggy Logs. At the end of each walk you will receive details including total time, distance, photos and even toilet stops! As well as a few notes on the activities we got up to on our adventure.

My team of dog lovers are passionate about what they do and have nothing but the enjoyment of your pet in mind. We like to keep each of our adventures limited to a maximum of five dogs. This is to ensure the dogs get all of our attention.


Call 07400 260 399 or click the green button to book your Adventure now!

Happy trails!


Don't let a busy schedule stop you from having a happy, healthy dog when you get home.

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