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Sammy initially took up dog walking as a means to combat the stresses of university life. She quickly realised that the dogs were the best part of her week, everything else was now secondary to the pups!


If you've spoken to Sammy at all, you'll agree that your dog and its welfare are absolutely paramount to her. Her love for all things canine need never be questioned; come rain or shine, her desire to be trekking surrounded by wagging tails never waivers.

"I think it would be fair to say, I'd much rather go to a zoo or farm, than a theme park or party. Dogs, or really any animal, are much more on my level; people are far too unpredictable to me. Most importantly, I've always got animal facts on hand for anybody who asks (or doesn't)!"

Favourite breed? Pembroke Welsh Corgi!

Sammy, wrapped up for the cold, with mud on her face!
Abi with Megsy, a brown Miniature Dachshund, on her lap, in a paddock.


Abi has found her passion is all things animals, specifically in the behaviour and training of dogs. Abi has plenty of experience with all sorts of dogs from working at a doggy day care, plus a plethora of animal related certifications!


Anybody who has met Abi will absolutely agree that her heart is only ever in the betterment of your dog's wellbeing. 

Abi is thinking of the right words to say for this bit!

Favourite breed? Miniature Dachshund!


Josh's role is primarily behind-the-scenes and behind-the-camera. But don't be fooled, he does adventure with us as much as possible - you'll see him with your pups from time to time and always looking to find the perfect snapshot of Wonder Walks!

"I grew up in a household without pets and unfortunately became nervous around dogs. During the time I've known Sammy, she has shown me just how misplaced my anxieties were. My favourite part of photographing so many pups is getting down to their level and just watching them excitedly bundle towards me!"

Favourite breed? Greyhound!

Josh sat with Zavi, a grey/silver Weimeraner, in a paddock.
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